Find the most beautiful walking route to anywhere in your city

If you’ve ever used a navigation app to find your way through a city, then its very likely that the app only showed you the fastest route to your destination. Saving time is really important, but what if you could find a route that was fast and improved your mood?

The new updated Walkonomics app for iPhone and Android, can do just that. We’ve added navigation to Walkonomics, that will not only find the fastest walking route, but can also find the most beautiful route to any place in a city. Walkonomics does this by analysing over 1.7 million street trees, thousands of urban parks and over 46,000km of streets and footpaths.

Research has shown that walking through tree-filled streets and parks can reduce feelings of stress and increase happiness.  Walkonomics finds the routes that have the most street trees and parks and users can use the slider in the app to choose how direct the route is.

The app can currently find beautiful routes in 7 cities:

  • Central London;
  • Paris;
  • New York;
  • San Francisco;
  • Toronto;
  • Buenos Aires and
  • Glasgow.

More cities will be added and the app can also find the fastest walking route in any other city or town in the world.  The app also displays how long each route will take to walk, how many calories you will burn and how much CO2 you will save.

In addition to the new routing features the app also includes an update to the WalkHood map, which now shows which local venues and business you can walk to in five minutes.  Users can find out details about each place, such as opening times and phone number and also get walking directions.

So find a happier walking route and download the Walkonomics app for iPhone and Android now.

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