Now You Can Find the Happiest Walking Route to Anywhere in Washington DC

Our beautiful routing app is now available in Washington DC!

2016 is all about the race to the White House, but at Walkonomics we say, what is the rush? Take a few extra minutes and instead find the most tree-filled route to the White House or any other location in Washington DC with our new app.

Walkonomics is a free app for iPhone and Android that can find the most beautiful walking route to any location through tree-filled streets and parks. In Washington DC the app analyses over 150,000 street trees and 16,000 street segments (2,100 miles of street) to find the most beautiful walking route between any two locations in the capital city. The app uses Open Data from the Data Catalogue and OpenStreetMap to find walking routes that are lined with the highest density of trees. Users can control how beautiful or fast each route is using a slider in the app.

Unsurprisingly the most beautiful streets and paths, that have the highest density of trees are clustered around Washington DC parks such as The National Mall and Rock Creek Park.

Research has shown that walking in streets with plenty of trees can increase your levels of happiness, concentration and also reduce stress. In fact one study found that having an extra 10 trees on your street can increase your feelings of well being and happiness to the same level as getting a $10,000 pay increase or feeling 7 years younger!

So why not try a happier walk to wherever it is that you’re going in Washington DC and download the Walkonomics app for iPhone and Android now.

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