Walkonomics launches iPhone App to Rate Street Walkability

Walkonomics is excited to announce the launch of the new Walkonomics app for iPhone and iPad.  The free Walkonomics mobile app maps and rates the pedestrian-friendliness of every street in San Francisco, New York and England (over 600,000 streets!).  The app provides 5 star ratings for each street in the following categories:
  • Road safety;
  • Easy to cross;
  • Pavement/Sidewalk;
  • Hilliness;
  • Navigation;
  • Fear of crime;
  • Smart & beautiful;
  • Fun & relaxing.
The ‘Walkability’ of streets and neighbourhoods is becoming increasingly important to both home buyers and businesses.  A recent survey found that 77% of people wanted to buy a home in a walkable area and another study found that walkable streets boost retail sales by up to 80%.  Unlike other apps that only measure how many shops and services are within walking distance, the new Walkonomics iPhone app rates each streets pedestrian-friendliness using real walkability data.  Walkonomics provides an easy way for home buyers, tourists and businesses to check the walkability of streets and urban areas and find walkable and sustainable locations to live, work and visit. Walkonomics app features include:
  • Check the walkability of nearby streets and areas;
  • Search by location, place name or post code;
  • View search results on a map with colour-coded markers;
  • Discover new walk-friendly areas and streets;
  • Instantly get detailed walkability reviews and ratings of streets based on real data and people’s views;
  • Add your own ratings and include photos;
  • Undertake walkability audits and crowdsource local people’s ideas for improving streets.
The Walkonomics app uses over 600,000 street ratings from Walkonomics.com which are generated from Open Data such as street widths, traffic levels, 311 cleanliness reports, gradients, crime statistics, pedestrian accidents and even how many trees are on each street.  This automatically generated data is complimented by crowdsourced reviews from local residents and visitors, app users can add their own ratings and reviews.  Each street rating is mapped using colour-coded markers to show the overall walkability rating for every street. The new iPhone app also works on iPad and is Walkonomics latest expansion on mobile, following the recent launch of an Android app.
For more information and to download the app click here. Contact us at: hello@walkonomics.com or on +44(0)7817 937729 Please feel free to use the images below in articles (contact us for higher resolution images):

Images courtesy of Walkonomics and PlaceIt by Breezi.  

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