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  • David Soto

    I found it very difficult and impossible to find any streets outside of San Francisco, New York and London. Searching with zip code did not return any results, I tried “90210” “00646′ AND “00680”.

    I could also not rate any of the streets near where I live. I searched by zip code and I also typed the street names. Not even location names worked. I typed, “Mayagez, PR” “Mayaguez, Puerto Rico”, “San Juan, PR”, etc.

    It seems there are very few streets available. It is a shame too because this is a darned good web app.

  • redhot47

    It is two years after David Soto’s post, and I just had the same lack of success.
    None of the addresses I ever lived or worked (Mke, Bos, Pgn, IN) could be rated.
    I was hoping Walkonomics would be better than Walk Score, which does not include the quality of pedestrian infrastructure, but the accessibility to stores, etc.

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